Akihiro Sato

27 February 2009

Days ago, I posted a picture of a handsome guy here whom I thought as a Thai. Thanks to the concern of an anonymous reader who gave me the identity of this cute guy by leaving a comment in that same post . According to him, the name of this hot man is Akihiro Sato. I researched on Aki and I found out he's not a Thai. He's actually mix Japanese-Brazilian. He's modelling in Southeast Asia and he lived in Thailand for quite awhile that's why I mistakenly thought him as a Thai. So, obviously the picture was taken when he was still modeling in the City of Angels.

Now, I'm showing you another picture of our hot Akihito. Today, he is now based in Manila, Philippines for modeling jobs.


Peter Stubbs

26 February 2009

I'm soooo excited to post this hot picture of a model named Peter Stubbs. What a name? But I want him to stab me with his ahemmmm...!! LOL. The shot is breathtaking. I love men in white underwear and this one is just the perfect example. Take a look again at the guy. Who can't love that chest, abs, that bulge and of course the face? Not me!


Brazil's Miro Moreira

25 February 2009

Well, I guess I am not yet ready to leave Brazil. This is such a big place and handsome men are everywhere. Yesterday, we posted Giancarlo's sexy shot and this time, we are taking again on another equally famous model who goes by the name of Miro Moreira.

Take a look on that tatto on his butt.Don't you find it too sexy and inviting? I wonder what's being encrypted there. Is that an eagle? Oh, well, Miro just show us. Don't torture us that much. LOL


Brazil's Giancarlo

24 February 2009

I think I am back on track again on posting selected handsome men for each country in which I called my own "world men invasion". After having our last stop in Mexico, let's go straight to South America's largest country. It's no other than the exotic Brazil, home of the most beautiful men and women of the world. In Brazil, people here love their butts that's why they put value much on them. I guess, this part of the body is what they consider the sexiest.

The guy in the picture is a model whose name is Giancarlo. I have no much information about the guy but from what I've heard, he's one of the most bankable model in Brazil. Giancarlo has a very soft and flawless skin and those hairs visible in his arms are just too sexy to handle.

Definitely, Giancarlo will give sleepless nights. That's for sure.


A Model Named Jack

21 February 2009


I don't know who this hot guy in the picture is except that his name is Jack. He's an obvious model and the picture was taken by Gary Holmes. Now, I don't have any knowledge on his nationality so I am afraid I may not be able to fulfill my promise of featuring men of each country starting from Asia to North America to South America, Europe and Africa. If this is an interruption, well, just forgive me since the guy is worth featuring, huh. With that sexy body and enviable abs, no one in his right senses not to appreciate this post. Right? :-)


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