Men in Action

20 July 2008

I know I have had lots of collections about the candidates of Manhunt and men in grabbing crotch in soccer field but I was shocked to see them missing when I checked it this morning. I was left with two pictures which I will be posting now before everything's gone.

He's not competing for a male pageant in this picture but he did represent country once in Manhunt International. I just forgot his name and the country he participated but hopefully I'll get back on this on the coming days.

I love his Asian features. He is handsome, hot and oozing with sex appeal. I love his color as well. And don't foget, he knows how to show his manly thing looks bigger by pushing his butt forward a little bit during the pictorial.

I give him him 10 stars.

This picture is funny and the reaction is stimulating. Whether they are playing around, this time with another ball, or with malice at all, the picture paints a thousand lust.

But there are numerous pictures and videos about real gay sporty men doing secretly their lusty stuff while playing for a certain sports. This one could be one of them.

I give this 8 stars.


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