Ryan Vigilant

13 August 2008

Ryan Vigilant is an American model who was born in 1983 in Westford, Massachusetts.

He started his modeling career in 2005, appearing in editorials, most notably for "Vegas Preview" catalogues and the cover of "Tetu magazine." By 2007, he signed with Major Models and his modeling career started to take off ever since.

Vigilant landed ad campaigns for "Levis," "D&G" and "Nike," as well as gracing the pages of "Maxim Style" and has been photographed by numerous elite photographers in the fashion industry: from Greg Vaughn and Joe Lally, in his first two years.

Aside from modeling, Vigilant is a sports enthusiast. He has played a variety of sports including football, running, snowboard, squash. To relax, he enjoys cooking and reading. His ultimate dream is to travel around the world and visit every continent.

Let's see more of his pictures at http://www.manalbum.blogspot.com/


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