Marcus Lehman Exposed His Penis in Survivor Gabon

21 October 2008

Are you a fan of reality shows? If yes, then you definitely know the person in the picture above.

His name is Marcus Lehman, Survivor:Gabon contestant. The 13th episode of this famous reality show is currently on air and episode 5 has just finished this week. Well, this hot guy is making the Survivor very controversial especially to the moralists and some association of concerned parents in the USA. He did expose himself - his "little Marcus" in particular on national television on prime time when million of viewers, old and young alike, are watching. But before you conclude the guy is an exhibitionist, the exposure is accidental.

In one of the challenges during the first episode, Marcus decided to just wear his boxer shorts. While running for the challenge, his naughty penis head popped out from his boxer shorts and that went unnoticed by the curious eyes of the viewers.

Well, since this show is pre-taped, I wonder why the video editors did not blur this. I don't know what to think. Just take a look at the screen caps, click it to enlarge the picture. Enjoy.


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Anonymous Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:35:00 AM  

wow!!! nice view!!! lol but i think he got a big one!!! fruity!!!

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