Rich Vergara

01 October 2008

Another Filipino? Yes!

My favorite men on earth are now the Filipinos. Someone sent on my e-mail asking me to feature Filipinos and when I search in the net, I was awed to see most of the handsome men in the world are on this part of the planet. These Pacific islands are like the havens of the Adonises of the modern time.

Inter-racial marriages between the Filipinos and other nationalities play the biggest factor for this. As a result, most of the offsprings are totally handsome or beautiful. Hmm, we have to consider this.

The guy in these pictures is a Filipino commercial model, Rich Vergara. He's so yummy. What makes him so handsome is his smooth body - it's not too firm but not chubby. There's something you could cuddle in the night.


Anonymous Saturday, December 11, 2010 2:36:00 AM  

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