Antonio Sabato, Jr.

28 October 2008


Who is not attracted to this handsome Italian-American Calvin Klein model? I doubt if you say you are. His name is Antonio Sabato, Jr. - still hot at 36. Antonio has two children and is an actor. If you want to see what you want to see from him, watch his frontal nudity in Testosterone and The Big Hit.

I find him a tease. Just take a look at his pictures below and if you're a gay you would definitely  be drooling on the idea of having him as your sex partner. He's indeed hot.



Why Do Men Pose With Their Bulges?

27 October 2008

This man has the face and the body. There's no doubt about it. In fact, his pictures are one of the best in my collection. We know, or at least me, that one of the reasons why men (even women) are willing to be photographed in a sexy pose or even nude is the money. It's a source of income. I don't question that. In fact, I fully understand. But other than that what could be another reasons? Do y'all this guy is posing for an income?


Adrian Racho - Sexy Lad

22 October 2008

He's another rough boyish-looking Filipino model. The moment I saw his pictures, I was kinda jumping for joy and excitement. What I like about this guy is his nicely sculpted body, his smooth features and captivating eyes.

Adrian Racho is a veteran of male pageants that eventually made him penetrate the modeling scene. I have seen one of his pictorials and I can say the shots were provocative - enough to send you down drooling. I will try to present those pictures in my next posts.



Marcus Lehman Exposed His Penis in Survivor Gabon

21 October 2008

Are you a fan of reality shows? If yes, then you definitely know the person in the picture above.

His name is Marcus Lehman, Survivor:Gabon contestant. The 13th episode of this famous reality show is currently on air and episode 5 has just finished this week. Well, this hot guy is making the Survivor very controversial especially to the moralists and some association of concerned parents in the USA. He did expose himself - his "little Marcus" in particular on national television on prime time when million of viewers, old and young alike, are watching. But before you conclude the guy is an exhibitionist, the exposure is accidental.

In one of the challenges during the first episode, Marcus decided to just wear his boxer shorts. While running for the challenge, his naughty penis head popped out from his boxer shorts and that went unnoticed by the curious eyes of the viewers.

Well, since this show is pre-taped, I wonder why the video editors did not blur this. I don't know what to think. Just take a look at the screen caps, click it to enlarge the picture. Enjoy.


Handsome Lucas Gil

It is very obvious that I can't get over this guy who is invading my fantasy dreams. You know him very well since he's an international celebrity. I also discussed about him in this earlier post of mine. Once again, I present to you Mr. Lucas Gil, a Mr. World runner up. I am really drooling. Guys, aren't you?



Andrew Wolff - Hot Filipino-British

20 October 2008

When you think there were no more Filipino hot men to grace your computer screen from this blog, here's one more super hot half-Filipino half-British. He's the epitome of the man I have been hugging and kissing in my dreams every lonely night.

He is Andrew Wolff. He was born and raised in England. Like our Jon Hall in this post, Andrew was paying a visit to the Philippines when he received offers to model by the country's top model agents for men apparel. He was an overnight sensation and the rest is history as they say.

Why do I like this 6'2" Filipino-English lad? He looks tough and huge with a pretty boyish face.

Click on the pictures for larger viewing.


Jon Hall - Filipino Ramp Model

19 October 2008

Here is another Filipino-British underwear model. His name is Jon Hall. He grew up in Cebu, Philippines but migrated to the USA when he was 12 to study. After his studies, he went back to the Philippines and was discovered as a model. He also acted in some films but now he's semi-retired.

Click on the photos for larger viewing.


Michael Montesanto

16 October 2008

This New York based model has tantalizing eyes which make him so mysterious and handsome. He looks so sexy.

He's Michael Montesanto, 22 -year old, half Italian and half Ukrainian. He's based in West Islip, New York concentrating on modeling.


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