Mister International 2008 - Brazil: Marciel Moreno Mendes

23 November 2008

Mister International is currently taking place in Taiwan, Republic of China. 30 gorgeous men from all over the world are competing for the title which will be concluded on the 24th of this month (November). This pageant started in 2006 won by Wissam Hanna of Lebanon. Last year, the winner is Alan Martini of Brazil.

Maybe for a week, I will bring to you the men in their trunks, one country after another, and their interviews. I'll just pick in random who will be featured here. If you like a certain country, please tell me in your comments and I gonna pick them.

Here is Mister Brazil, Marciel Moreno Mendez, to start with.

Marciel Moreno Mendez is a professional model, 24 years old and have interest in soccer and Brazilian country music.

What is your career ambition and what are you doing or planning to do to accomplish that goal?
My goal is to become a successful international model and I am working hard to achieve it. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I left all my friends and relatives behind to move to Asia in search of my dream. For a country boy like myself, I think it is very crazy. 

What is your strongest quality?
I am a good friend and listener. I am humble, and am always in a good mood, I enjoy life.

Name one personal accomplishment that makes you especially proud.
To be elected Mister Brazil International among so many great contestants!

What is the most important thing you want the judges to know about you?
I am a responsible person who will do my very best to represent my country well.


Wissam Hanna - Mr. International 2006

20 November 2008


That handsome man is definitely a familiar face in the international scene since he's a winner of a male pageant. In 2006, he represented Lebanon in Mr. International and easily won the title. His name is Wissam Hanna.

Wissam is a boy-next-door. His baby face is hard to ignore. The Lebanese in him is what makes him handsome. I have said this many times in  my previous posts. Arab men is the most handsome men for me and Lebanon being an Arab country is not an exclusion to this. It is also a fact that Lebanese is a mix of French and Arab heritage so definitely the offspring is either a God or Goddess.



Dolce and Gabbana Male Models

19 November 2008

Dolce and Gabbana is not only a popular high end line of clothing but it is also instrumental in introducing some of the hottest male models in the show business. We have been drooling over the gorgeous men in their advertisements and these men in the pictures are no exemption. They have great bodies to die for and let's enjoy them in the gym.


Giancarlo Pasqualotto

We have known Venezuela lately as a beauty superpower because of their ladies who are making waves in almost all international beauty pageants. But does it ever come to your mind how their male counterparts look like? Do you think they can also be considered Adonis in the universal standard? Why don't we take a look.

Here is a famous Venezuelan actor born in 1978 in Caracas. He's a brother of another famous Venezuelan actress, Monica Pasqualotto. He is Giancarlo Pasqualotto Pesquera. This guy is indeed hot for me. 


Leandro Ghidini

17 November 2008

Here is another Brazilian beef, an ex-soccer player who opted to pursue modeling and acting. He comes from Porto Ferreira, Brazil but he is now living in Sao Paolo. His face is too fresh to ignore. He's definitely yummy. I love this guy.


Michael Copon - Lucas in Power Rangers

Michael Copon was born in Chesapeake, Virginia on November 13, 1982 to a Filipino American father and a German American mother. He was cast by the Fox Kids Network as Blue Power Ranger, Lucas, on Power Rangers Time Force less than a year after he graduated from Deep Creek High School in 2001. During that same time, Copon was also working as a print model in Los Angeles. Copon was named one of People magazine’s “50 Hottest Bachelors” in 2005.


Handsome Arab Guy

09 November 2008

My encounter with different people from all nationalities made me to believe that the most handsome faces in the world are concentrated in the Middle East. Just take a look at this picture of a young Arab guy who knows definitely how to flaunt his asset infront of the video camera. Have you tried Arab men in bed? Believe me, they are worth remembering for. **wink**


Super Hot Geoff Rodriguez


The guy in the picture is a New Zealander-Filipino model, Geoff Rodriguez Briz. He used to be a part of a famous male dance-and-sing group in the Philippines but it is now disbanded. Today, Geoff is seen racing  with his girlfriend, Tisha Silang in the third season of The Amazing Race Asia. If you are a fan of the said reality show, you probably could have seen him and Tisha won two legs of the race. Geoff is indeed has the most beautiful face among all the male racers this season. He is often compared to the main actor of the Prison Break, British-American Wenthworth Miller.


Greg "Utt" Panichkul

04 November 2008

Another hot yummy guy is a Thai sensation. He's an MTV Asia VJ and a ramp and commercial model. Greg Uttsada Panichkul  is born to a Thai father and an American mother in San Fernando,California.

Like Filipino-British Andrew Wolff, Utt has a boyish look that makes him so handsome. His smooth feature is actually his asset.


Semi Nude Wentworth Miller

02 November 2008

Who doesn't know a very famous guy in a very famous television series? He is the  handsome Wentworth Miller of the Prison Break. He is a British born American actor, born in 2 June 1972 and still single.

This guy is definitely mix since he stated  his father is an African American-Jamaican-German-English-Jewish while his mother is a Russian-French-Dutch-Lebanese-Syrian. That's too many to mention. So, how do you call him now? A United Nation baby!

In 2003, he co-starred in a movie called The Human Stain and he has some semi-nude shots. Here they are. Just click on the pictures for larger viewing.


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